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The Best PHP Frameworks for Web Developers


Developing a website or application without any preparation includes a lot of work. As a rule, you’ll have to recreate functions that have just been made a large number of times, which is more proficient. Software frameworks can enable you to overcome this issue, by giving you a foundation you can expand upon.


In this blog, we will help you to find the best PHP framework. Let us see the best 8 options here:


When anyone discuss about PHP systems, one of the terms that lean to select most frequently is Laravel. This specific framework is fame for its well-designed syntax, which is simple to handle and a delight to work with.

Key Features:

  • Use a framework that honors itself on well-designed syntax
  • Broaden Laravel’s core operation using additional features
  • Use built-in functions to deal with routing, caching, user management, and few more
  • Combine Laravel with third-party platforms & libraries like AWS
  • Run tasks in series in the background to get better performance

At long last, Laravel possess a very dynamic network, which implies discovering help or classes is never a test. If this is your initial time utilizing a framework, which makes Laravel a surprisingly better alternative.


It is a PHP framework that utilizes a Model View Controller (MVC) design. In layman’s terms, that implies CodeIgniter utilizes various segments to deal with explicit advancement tasks. This methodology is well-enjoyed among designers since it empowers you to assemble highly versatile web applications with a lesser impression.

Key Features:

  • Use a small framework built with the view of performance
  • Get started rapidly, because of the framework’s simplicity and incredible documentation
  • Create adaptable applications using the framework’s MVC-based design


If there were a challenge for the great PHP framework, then Symfony would be excellent option with Laravel and CodeIgniter in terms of ubiquity. When you start delving into the system, it turns out to be simple to spot why.

All along with a cool name, Symfony is highly adaptable.

Key Features:

  • Use a highly adaptable framework that empowers you to group individual parts
  • Take pros of the framework’s worked in testing functionality
  • Learn how to utilize the platform by its brilliant documentation

It can be a great option if you concern about modularity. You can simply use the components you need rather than a full library, which can build this the best PHP framework.


Many people opt for Zend which is a ‘glue’ framework – a method of mentioning to its component-based type. It is an MVC-based, object-oriented framework that helps you to stack only the components you need as individual libraries.

Key Features:

  • Use a PHP object-oriented framework with an MVC design
  • Re-utilize your code on account of the platform’s design
  • Combine Zend with external libraries effectively
  • Make use of the components only you need, and disregard everything else


Phalcon is a touch of a peculiarity with regards to PHP frameworks. The Phalcon’s source code is written in C, so it’s essentially a C extension of PHP. This seems odd, but it results in one of the quickest frameworks we’ve had the delight of using.

Key Features:

  • Use a PHP framework that’s based on C
  • Take preferred standpoint of Phalcon’s awesome performance and low asset overhead
  • Use just the libraries and modules you need
  1. CakePHP

It was the first PHP MVC system to hit the market. In those days it was a disclosure, it’s as yet one of the best PHP systems you can utilize.

More new versions of CakePHP have improved in execution after some time and included lots of new parts.

Alongside that, CakePHP presents a magnificent set of libraries that incorporate a ton of helpful components.

Key Features:

  • Take benefits of a wide set of components
  • Use CakePHP’s conventions to code projects quicker

Obviously, CakePHP can be a bit prohibitive because of its attraction of conventions. If you are interested to code by yourself and to be as innovative as possible, CakePHP might not be the right option for you but still, it’s a great option for many developers.


It is another great entry in our list of the best PHP frameworks, and it’s a valuable competitor. At once we can advise you that Yii glows because of its easy functionality. Along with that, the framework is exactly there with Phalcon with regards to performance, which is a huge selling point.

Key Features:

  • Outstanding speed and execution
  • Make use of the default setup or modify it to meet your exact needs
  • Create secure sites and applications


FuelPHP is a generally a new PHP framework, first propelled in 2014. The makers guarantee to have assembled the best methods out of other amazing systems and made somewhat new and exciting. Some of the most exceptional aspects are depicted in the features section.

Key Features:

  • Complete support for HMVC
  • Tough security out of the crate
  • A unique command line utility

There are a great many programming languages you can see, but PHP is still the best option when it comes to server-side scripting.

What do you feel about the best PHP framework? Just share your ideas and thought through commenting below!

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