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Which is the Best Platform for Developing a Website in 2019

A website is the display window of your business, which people can see while surfing on the web. In the digital world, having a website is the most important one that can take in advertising their online presence. Obviously, a site is the key point of contact with your business for some potential clients. Consequently, it is very fundamental for a business to have a site with an amazing design, informative layout, easy to understand interface which informs clients about what you do concisely.

There are many web development companies in Chennai offering appealing sites to their customers utilizing different platforms. However, it is imperative for one to know which one is most appropriate to cater your site needs. Let us discuss now,


WordPress is one of the most prominent platforms used over the world due to the simple operation. One no needs to have coding knowledge as WordPress offers innovative tools to design your site. The pre-build functionalities placed in these platforms serve to effectively set themes and plugins which offer adapt to the client. The prominence of a site relies on its positioning on SERP and attributable to the SEO tools offered by WordPress, it’s anything but difficult to make the site web crawler neighborly.


PHP is a server-side scripting language which offers astonishing adaptability while creating dynamic sites. The magnificence of PHP is that despite being an open-source development platform, it offers plenty of functionalities and advantages like a paid scripting language would. It has done utilizing PHP ensures a powerful and durable website structure which is fit for taking care of mass-traffic.


Joomla is among the most supported CMS that is being used for a while. It is a favored tool for creating sites with numerous functionalities and amazing web applications. Joomla’s quick and simple to alter condition offers a strong web design that guarantees the integrity of the information, which is unimaginable without a CMS. Since Joomla is made by utilizing PHP and MYSQL, which are both open source stages, Joomla also is an open-source and adaptable foundation. In this way, if you are searching for a protected and versatile web designing platform, go for Joomla!


Magento is the best, free and versatile platforms for creating cutting-edge e-commerce platforms. It’s a feature-packed tool which offers a great many extensions that enables you to broadly alter your site. Notwithstanding being flooded with highlights, Magento offers an exceedingly dynamic user forum which is progressively turning into a center for skilled web-developers.


It isn’t free platform, but there is a tremendous library that comprises of loads of basic functions and database cooperations. Another preferred standpoint of ASP.NET is that it is ubiquitous and great deals of specialists realize how to assemble applications utilizing this system.


JSP is an innovation that helps programming developers in making dynamic sites that depend on XML, HTML, or different kinds of documents. JSP is like ASP and PHP, with the exception of it utilizes Java programming language. One of the best points of interest of utilizing this framework is that JSP pages join static formats, including HTML or XML fragments, with the code that produces dynamic substance.

The above mentioned platforms are the top ones we thinking of instructing to you. All things considered, there are many more like Open cart, Drupal, Prestashop, Ruby on Rails, and so on to build up a site as per your requirements.

Realize your qualities just as constraints, and pick a platform that makes your process streamlined and encourages you in making sites all the more proficiently.


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