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What is Xamarin App Development?

Xamarin is a Microsoft product used to write native Android, iOS, and Windows apps with native user interfaces. As of 2017, there are more than 1.4 million users of Xamarin.  

Why Xamarin?

Xamarin is not just a “write-once, run everywhere” platform – its strength is the ability to implement native user interfaces specifically for each platform. Applications built using Xamarin look and feel native. Its UI uses native controls on each platform, creating apps that are indistinguishable from native apps Applications built using Xamarin contain standard, native user interface controls. Applications not just look at the manner in which the end client expects, yet they act that way as well. Its UI performs as fast as any native application The application developed using Xamarin platform leverage hardware acceleration, and those applications are compiled for native performance. This can’t be practiced with plans that interpret code at runtime. Xamarin is the only IDE that allows for native Android, iOS and Windows app development within Microsoft Visual Studio Xamarin allows re-use of code across all platforms as well as the integration of libraries written natively for each platform. Xamarin allows you to write apps in C#, and share the same code across multiple platforms. Here is a look at how this is achieved under the hood:  
  • For iOS the C# code is ahead-of-time (AOT) compiled to ARM assembly language.
  • For Android the C# code is compiled to Intermediate Language (IL) and packaged with MonoVM, the application runs side-by-side with Android runtime/Java and interacts with the native types.
  • For Windows C# code is compiled to Intermediate Language (IL) and executed by the built-in runtime
In spite of the differences under the hood, Xamarin offers a seamless experience for writing code that can be re-used across all three platforms.  

Are all Xamarin mobile applications made the same way?

When we discuss about Xamarin, it basically has two types of approach in development of native applications:
  • Traditional Xamarin approach
  • Xamarin.Forms
The traditional Xamarin approach is Xamarin iOS and Xamarin Android they’re both based over Mono, an open-source adaptation of the .NET Framework. To develop those Apps you use C# and there is an opportunity to share up to 75% of code base.  

An overview of Xamarin.Forms development approaches:

  Xamarin.Forms takes code sharing to the high level by enabling you to share not simply your application rationale in a cross-stage style, yet in addition the UI definition. In contrast to different advances, applications that depend on the Xamarin.Forms structure are 100% totally local applications that look and feel normal on every stage. With Xamarin.Forms, you can compose your application code once, and after that manufacture a local application that uses that code to keep running on practically any iOS, Android or Windows gadget including Windows 10. Your business logic can be written in C# (or any other .NET capable language) and your UI can either be defined in code, or in the XAML mark-up language. Xamarin.Forms lets us to create native UI layouts which can be shared across the mobile development platforms.

Our Xamarin Services

We build apps that allows your customers to access your company’s services anytime they need to, in any mobile platform, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and repeat business for you. If you want your mobile app developed fast and cost-effective and still want the app to be as good as native apps, then we are the team for you. We will build the mobile app for your business to run on the main mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone using Xamarin. We have been building robust, reliable, and innovative iOS & Android mobile apps with Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms. We offer a wide range of professional Xamarin programming services for our clients. Xamarin Product Development: We will build iOS & Android mobile apps for your business using Xamarin with powerful backends from the ground up Migration to Xamarin We will leverage Xamarin’s single code base for multiple platforms to migrate your apps to Xamarin.

How We Work

Understand Your Business Problem

We get very interested in understanding your business. And your business problem on hand. We ask questions. We do a lot of listening. We confirm with you our understanding.

Define & Scope

We work with you to identify the project details and determine the features & functions you need, your look & feel requirements, technical implications, your timeline and your budget.

User Experience

Clear expectation of User Experience is critical. We make sure everyone understands how pages/screens look and flow. We use wire frames to map out the architecture and flow of your project to ensure this. In the process, we also identify the nature and source of all the content.

Design & Develop

Design comes next. We will host our design for your review and keep correcting it until you are satisfied. Upon your approval of design, we will begin development using best industry practices. Using Agile methodology, we build the software incrementally from the start. We break the project into small pieces of user functionality, prioritize them, and then continuously deliver to you tangible, working results in short iterations.

Testing & Deployment

Quality is top priority for us. We ruthlessly test the software to make sure the software works just as you wanted. We host the software for your own team to test it. If there are findings we quickly address them and get the software ready for deployment, We work with you and your hosting company to deploy the software.


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