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WordPress application development at Rajasri has seen constant growth over the years and we continue to invest in grooming the best WordPress talent so we stay ahead of the curve. See how Rajasri can aid your business growth story by building a CMS system that gives you a robust and scalable digital marketplace application.

Why WordPress?

Wordpress is an open source content management system, which includes plugin architecture and template system. It mainly supports web content with more of a traditional mailing lists, forums, galleries, online store and also blogs. WordPress is most familiar website management system in use. Apart from web-page based content development, WordPress also offers:
  • Themes: Themes will let the users to change the look and feel of the word press website without changing the core coding. WordPress website requires a minimum of one theme to be present and the theme should be designed using word press structures PHP, Cascading Style Sheets and a valid HTML.
  • Plugins: The Plugin architecture (WordPress’ hook system) allows users to extend the features and functionality of a website. Custom WordPress Plugin development range from search engine optimization (SEO) to integrated link management.
  • Mobility access: Native applications exist for various Mobility platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. These applications, have options such as adding new pages.
Our WordPress Development Services includes: WordPress Consulting: Our experienced team of WordPress consultants are exposed to developing powerful content management solutions that are reliable, flexibility, and business centric you can avail our services at affordable prices to compliment your business growth. CMS development: Ground-up WordPress solution development will require a unique blend of ‘free-to-do’ open thinking approach, dedicated detail-oriented development approach and PHP/HTML domain expertise. RajaSri offers you a one-stop shop that has what it takes to deliver. We also offer different pricing models that will fit both your business needs and your budget. CMS Customization and Theme re-alignment service:
  • If your business already has a WordPress solution, but looks and feels dated and you are in the market for specific custom development, or if you are in the market for just cosmetic re-alignment of your digital asset to make them look fresh and up-to-date.
RajaSri can help bring out the upgradation to those digital assets.

How We Work

Understand Your Business Problem

We get very interested in understanding your business. And your business problem on hand. We ask questions. We do a lot of listening. We confirm with you our understanding.

Define & Scope

We work with you to identify the project details and determine the features & functions you need, your look & feel requirements, technical implications, your timeline and your budget.

User Experience

Clear expectation of User Experience is critical. We make sure everyone understands how pages/screens look and flow. We use wire frames to map out the architecture and flow of your project to ensure this. In the process, we also identify the nature and source of all the content.

Design & Develop

Design comes next. We will host our design for your review and keep correcting it until you are satisfied. Upon your approval of design, we will begin development using best industry practices. Using Agile methodology, we build the software incrementally from the start. We break the project into small pieces of user functionality, prioritize them, and then continuously deliver to you tangible, working results in short iterations.

Testing & Deployment

Quality is top priority for us. We ruthlessly test the software to make sure the software works just as you wanted. We host the software for your own team to test it. If there are findings we quickly address them and get the software ready for deployment, We work with you and your hosting company to deploy the software.


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