Monaca モバイルアプリケーション

What is Monaca?

As per there website “Monaca makes HTML5 hybrid mobile app development with PhoneGap/Cordova simple and easy.”

Why Monaca?

Mobile app development using Monaca offers the following advantages:
  • Monaca development relies on the powerful Onsen UI JS framework – this is one of the fastest way to develop HTML 5 based hybrid mobile app.
  • Flexibility in chose of JS framework: Support for Angular (1 & 2), React and Veu is a huge advantage for Monaca development.
  • CI / CD infrastructure – Monaca offers powerful could based CI / CD for Cordova
  • Flexibility in chose of your development environment: Since Monaca development can be on any of the following ways, it is one of preferred development tools
    • Using Cloud based IDE
    • Using Visual Studio extension
    • Desktop GUI or CLI also available.
Under Cross Platform Mobile App Development, we offer these services:
  • Intuitive and sensible UX/UI Design
  • App testing
  • App maintenance & Support
  • End-to-end mobility solutions
  • Multi-platform app development
  • App building for various frameworks
  • Cross platform app porting
  • Code Once and Deploy Anywhere
  • Easy integration with native device features
  • Access app from various Smartphone Operating Systems
  • Enhancement of Mobile App

How We Work

Understand Your Business Problem

We get very interested in understanding your business. And your business problem on hand. We ask questions. We do a lot of listening. We confirm with you our understanding.

Define & Scope

We work with you to identify the project details and determine the features & functions you need, your look & feel requirements, technical implications, your timeline and your budget.

User Experience

Clear expectation of User Experience is critical. We make sure everyone understands how pages/screens look and flow. We use wire frames to map out the architecture and flow of your project to ensure this. In the process, we also identify the nature and source of all the content.

Design & Develop

Design comes next. We will host our design for your review and keep correcting it until you are satisfied. Upon your approval of design, we will begin development using best industry practices. Using Agile methodology, we build the software incrementally from the start. We break the project into small pieces of user functionality, prioritize them, and then continuously deliver to you tangible, working results in short iterations.

Testing & Deployment

Quality is top priority for us. We ruthlessly test the software to make sure the software works just as you wanted. We host the software for your own team to test it. If there are findings we quickly address them and get the software ready for deployment, We work with you and your hosting company to deploy the software.


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