Windows Applications

Windows Application is an application built with Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) that wraps portions of API in C++ classes which uses Windows, icon, menu, Pointer interfaces for human interaction and are Multi processing OOPS that are supported by MS Windows.

Application Programming Interface (API) provides a platform for implementing almost all the application in Windows such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT and the like.

With our skilled professionals possessing in-depth knowledge in Windows API and Windows internals we could develop cost effective Windows applications to match your business requirements.

Our highly qualified team of techno geeks working in Microsoft.Net Framework, .NET3.5,.NET 2.0,C#,ASP.NET,XML,AJAX,PHP,MySQL,HTML,CSS, etc., could assure you of high quality result oriented project execution that maximizes your competitive advantage and increases your productivity.

We thrive on building customer relationship by using best coding standards and rigorous testing processes in project management to ensure best results and ROI to our clients