GUI is used by DataSpider Servista to create cooperation flows. Convert and process data with a simple drag-and- drop. Execution will be easy even though if the connections are complicated.

Reduce Coding

For example A code contains 20,000 Lines will be replaced by 13 to 14 icons

The following processing flow “Fixed-length order file… Compare with the product master … Store the file in the SQL server … Send a completion report email,” can be code by using over 14,000 lines of Java code. But the same will be easier in DataSpider Servista GUI to work with, you’re only lining up and connecting 13 icons. Being able to click, touch, and connect—instead of code—frees up development lead time and operational costs.

Using this data time and money been saved but functioning precise same.

Incorporate & Efficient

Flexible Connecting Adapters Reconcile Format Differences Safely. Existing Systems cannot be modified.

Over 50 adapters compatible with major data destinations are there in Dataspider Servista. IBM Notes, kintone, Salesforce, and your favorite SAP applications will work together according to your specification. DataSpider Servista remains adaptable when working with various databases, protocols, and file formats, so it does not change existing systems. It plays by the rules. When the Dataspider Servista connecting with Salesforce, all of the Salesforce-specific procedures are followed. You just give the connection information and set up data acquisition. DataSpider Servista gets to work. That’s just two safe steps to complete the connection with Salesforce.

DataSpider Servista will work smoothly in major cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Additionally, we are offering latest services and applications which spontaneously provide the most desirable connecting adapters.

DataSpider Servista changes and grows with your needs. It’s as easy to cancel or reroute a connection with an adapter as it is to set one up in the first place.

Execute Fastly

For immediate use, bulk data are processed fast.

For large volume data, immediate utilization high-speed data processing is a must. DataSpider Servista implements Parallel Stream Processing (PSP) to execute data input, conversion, and output as quickly as possible. The performance is equal to a manually coded program in Java—just like as human had done the work. Data is yours to extract.