Hybrid App Development - PhoneGap/Cordova, Monaca & Onsen UI

We offer end to end Hybrid Application solutions to your business needs.

We have demonstrated expertise to combine the potential of HTML5 with advanced mobile frameworks like PhoneGap/Cordova, Monaca & Onsen UI and similar products more to build apps that act very similar to Native apps on Android, iOS and Windows mobile, with the added advantage of reduced cost of development.

Advantages of using Phonegap/Cordova:

Single code base to create apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Mobile web.

App can be distributed on App store and Google Play.

Easy of testing & deployment.

Less cost of development than Native Development.

Quick to build and deploy - Quick to market your product.

Best choice if you want to test the market to see how well your product will do.

Unless you need specific UI features Native development offers, your choice should be Phonegap.

Advantages of using Monaca & Onsen UI:

Hybrid app development using Monaca & Onsen UI is so much easier than native app development.

With Onsen UI we can use your existing AngularJS, JQuery, Plain JS or ReactJS and HTML5 skills to create and publish an app in all the platforms - iOS, Android, Amazon Tablets and Microsoft.

Apps developed using using Monaca & Onsen UI have good performance in iOS and perform exactly like native iOS apps unless you need complex map features.

Unique features such as infinite scroll and UI frameworks like MaterialUI make it easier and faster to develop and customize the app to your needs.