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There are a million different ways to make a website, and WordPress is one of those ways. If you would have spent time on Internet browsing through options for the right technology to develop a website, then you would have heard about WordPress. It is a very popular content management system because of the flexibility it offers.

In any case similar to any CMS, WordPress is the best fit for some individuals, yet not directly for other people. In some cases, custom website architecture is the best fit. Before you pick WordPress or a custom website architecture for your very own site, you have to figure out which is the correct CMS for you. Here are a couple of elements to think about when settling on a WordPress site or a custom design.


One of the greatest preferences of WordPress is the way that it accompanies a large number of modules and topics that enable you to alter your site. Find out about a portion of the supportive ones here. Practically any usefulness you require exists as a module that you can add to your WordPress format. This dimension of customization makes WordPress appropriate for a wide assortment of sites, from internet business destinations to philanthropic locales, from independent companies to bigger organizations.

In the meantime, WordPress does not offer the dimension of customization accessible from a custom website. Templates and plugins are accessible to everybody who needs to develop their website utilizing this CMS. Therefore, you do run the hazard that themes of your site, or the layout that you pick, will resemble like that of others.

Also, there is a great possibility that the uniqueness of your website will be maintained only when the design is crafted considering your business needs.
Subsequently, when you are thinking about whether WordPress or custom website design is the correct decision for your website, you ought to think about how much customization you will need and how significant it is that each component of your webpage is particularly intended for your business.

There is likewise a need to guarantee that your site performs well and loads rapidly, and utilizing such a large number of modules could impact that.

It is additionally crucial to express alert about modules that you use since there are numerous carriage ones accessible, or modules that can make your site defenseless against hacking. A site proprietor who is certainly not a prepared engineer may experience serious difficulties recognizing quality alternatives.


Except if you are an IT proficient yourself, odds are that you will need backing to run your site. At the point when a plugin does not work, or a page breaks, or a connection goes down, you have to realize where to go to find solutions rapidly. You will likewise need to realize how to run essential support on your site, (for example, connect checks or substance updates), or you should have individuals who can enable you to do as such.

With regards to help, WordPress offers large community support. Because of the way that it is an open source CMS, which means nobody individual or association claims the code, this network is huge. The community member can offer you the appropriate responses for your requirement of regular help questions. Be that as it may, it is the sole wellspring of help and direction with respect to your WordPress site. There is no telephone number you can call to reach “WordPress” for authority technical support. In the event that you are not getting the aptitude of an expert designer, you may have a troublesome time depending on an open discussion of volunteers.

You should have a specific dimension of specialized learning so as to comprehend and actualize the proposals individuals give in the WordPress people group. Regularly, you have to realize coding so as to change substance or structure components or fix broken components of your site. You may not generally get the arrangements you need as fast as though you had a client administration number to call.

Subsequently, while you get noteworthy help from a WordPress people group, you might need to have a WordPress master close by to give the upkeep and bolster you require, or you might need to utilize a CMS that accompanies working in client support.

A custom website design, then again, ordinarily accompanies staffed support. A similar organization that offers the custom website composition administration should likewise offer you technical support for managing any issues that emerge because of disappointments in your structure. Thus, when thinking about whether a WordPress site or custom website architecture administration is directly for your business, you have to consider your dimension of specialized information and access to specialized help for any issues you experience.

Each site requires support. Introducing refreshes, tweaking configuration, guaranteeing that all pieces of the site work easily, etc, are for the most part fundamental in keeping your site fully operational for your clients.

With regards to WordPress sites, there is a sure measure of upkeep required as consistently discharged updates that must be introduced. What’s more, each module and subject has certain necessities for upkeep.

When thinking about whether WordPress is directly for your site, you should mull over whether you can stay aware of its support necessities, or whether you approach experts who can do this work for you.

A custom website composition administration, for the most part, offers site upkeep that is a piece of its help bundle. This implies some portion of the help you get for your website from the custom website composition administration incorporates any updates, security checks, or other upkeep you require to keep your webpage running easily and avert any serious issues. There are always new module redesigns and WordPress programming updates turning out, and you might not have room schedule-wise or transfer speed to stay aware of the upkeep all alone.

WordPress offers an extraordinarily adaptable CMS for your site. The key is to decide if it highlights work with your business needs and capacities more than would a custom website composition administration. Specifically, you have to choose on the off chance that it offers the correct dimension of customization rather than a custom website architecture administration, and whether you approach the expert help and support help you have to keep it ready for action easily and safely.

On the off chance that you have to decide if WordPress is directly for your site, or if a custom website composition administration would work better, don’t dither to contact WEBii. We offer both custom website composition administrations and WordPress advancement as a major aspect of our web improvement administrations.

Subsequently, we can give the help you have to build up an inconceivable WordPress webpage, or we can utilize our custom website architecture administration to fabricate you a completely customized website for your business. Moreover, we can offer you the expert help and upkeep your need, regardless of whether you pick a WordPress webpage, our custom website development architecture administration or a mix of the two. Accordingly, we can enable you to appreciate an effective site that addresses your issues.


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