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Tips for Mobile App Branding at Product Launch

Tips for branding mobile application

In today’s digital world having a mobile application developed for your business is one of the smartest ways to promote your business. And the success is not by just developing it, also by continuously promoting and branding it. In this article let us see how we can work on branding our product.

Why branding is important?

Branding is very important to business people it changes people’s perspective of your product and also increases awareness among your target customers. Some of the advantages of branding are:

  1. It increases business value
  2. Increases customers
  3. Directly increases pride
  4. Creates trust among customers
  5. Customers can easily recognize the brand

While creating a product regardless of whether you are a startup or a large scale enterprise, branding becomes an essential component. Just think of any popular mobile application that we use, we can exactly imagine the look and feel of the product and why you feel that is because of the branding.


During a product launch, branding plays an important role. Mainly because that will be the first time the user will get to interact with your product and many time they will make their decision with their first interaction itself. Studies reveal that more than 20% of people make their choice of whether to use a product or not during their first interaction itself. So as the saying goes “The first impression is the best impression”. considering this, we need to put in all the best to make their first impression as the best to make them use the product.

Let’s get started with branding

Things get easy when preached, but difficult to practice unless done systematically. Given this, we need to understand the user needs and behavior right from the development of the first screen and the same to be continued till the end. Because offering something valuable to the user should be the top priority.

1.Setup your product’s brand:

The initial step you should consider when choosing what sort of branding you need to choose for your mobile application is to spread out each part of your item’s image in one spot. For this you need to include all the important stakeholder in the conversation, they can be your investors, design team and also be the development team.

The first step is to define the Goal of the product. After defining understand the goals of the products, try to figure out if you have missed an important aspect of your goal. Once all this is clearly understood the need for the product in the market and the geographical location where the need is. Note down all the above details and last but not the least understand your competitor in that location. This becomes crucial to any business as it helps us to stay ahead in the market ONLY when we know who our competitors are and also their product promotion strategy.

Finally jot down a plan for designing, app development till product promotion. This initial planning will avoid any last minute woes of the end product.

2.Collect user feedback:

The subsequent stage for mobile application branding will be to collect the feedback from the user. We need to be open for critics as this will help in better shaping of the product.

Any errors identified in the initial stage can be addressed quickly and this will also help us to better understand the weak areas of the application and correcting it early will help in the success of the product.

3.Spotlight on User experience:

There are thousands of mobile applications in the market, and many of them would not have reached the audience. The main reason is, they do not offer better user experience.


Focusing on user experience is always the primary reason for the success of any application. This will also differentiate our product in the market among the competitors. Working on agile methodology will help achieve this goal, as it involves continuous iteration and thereby developing a successful product.

4.Have a Simple Approach:

Another tip for mobile application branding will be to keep the application as easy as possible and that is with respect to the user interface and also your branding efforts.

User interface plays an important role in mobile application development because when the user is using the application he needs to know what you offer, where to get the information he needs and how quickly and easily he can navigate through the application to get that information he wants.

Now when we understand the customer needs and exceed it, the chances of the customer like the product is high.

On the other hand, when we don’t understand the needs and fail to address it, chances are there that the customer will not like the application and he will not use it. As the saying goes” the customer is always right” the application that is not liked by the user will be a failure. No matter how much effort and money you spent on it, all goes to vain when your not understanding your customers.

Since we have productively collected the feedback and have a strong understanding of the competitors in the market, its high time to work on product branding.

At this point, you can work on choosing the Logo and working on the font and choosing an attractive color and so on. Basically, we can focus on the look and feel of the application.

Please be considerate to make changes as and when needed. Having an open mind for change is also very important for successful product building.

Let’s move towards product Launch:

Considering the complexity and capability of the application, a product launch can take any time between 4 to 10 weeks. Our recommendation here is to lead a review of your marking approach this far, alongside what you need before the launch. Like an item excess, making this rundown will guarantee that there are no curve balls before item dispatch. This will enable you to concentrate on what is significant and given the rest a chance to accompany later.


Tips for branding at launch:

When you have worked enough on review, we need to put in the constant effort for the launch. When you are setting up a brand for your application, there is no limit to the amount of research you can perform to identify the right methodology. Constant research is just not something that can open your eyes to new chances, however, it also enables you to benchmark the challenge and see what regions you have to concentrate on for your application to be fruitful.

To start with, identify the other applications in the market that perform similar functions as that of yours. Try to learn from their mistakes and also identify their success strategy and implement that to your plan to take a sizable amount of market share.

Work with the designers to know what is trending in the market and make changes to the application accordingly.

Application design:

The following step of application branding is that you will have to work on the visuals of your application. While a few designers will attempt to inspire clients with over-the treat all through that doesn’t hit clients over the head. -top designs and even recordings, it’s increasingly essential to offer a visual treat.

We will get more into keeping things straightforward in a moment, yet fundamentally this equitable implies that you need your application to look decent and for clients to get a glance around. Once more, the early introduction you make with your mobile application branding is most significant. so putting some extra effort into the visuals of your application is very important.

The last tip we will be to reveal your mobile application branding at launch and that will ultimately lead you for the successful product launch.

Offer the user a reason to come back to the application. Regardless of whether it is your structure, your offering, your marking, or (ideally) each of the three, clients need the motivation to open your application again and keep utilizing it. With such a large number of clients dropping off after their underlying session, this is ought to be your definitive objective.

Fortunately, there are two or three different ways to do this.

Make the signup procedure as basic as it could be expected. This will increase the number of new users signing up and using the application.

Walk clients through the onboarding procedure. Use prompts, recordings, and little tests or tests to indicate how basic the application is to use and navigate.

Help clients to remember esteem. Regardless of whether through push, SMS, or email, you have to remind clients why they downloaded the application in any case. Without being intrusive, give them pushes to return case they overlooked.

At last, it’s not significant which strategy you use as long as you find what clients value is and give it to them reliably. This will not only help to retain users but they are also likely to come back. This, at last, implies you have carried out your responsibility well.

Maintenance and future improvements:

When you launch your product you will probably have contributed a great deal of time, vitality, and resource into your Mobile application branding and improvement and you will probably need to breathe a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately, the procedure works differently. In order to maintain a reputation in the market, we need to maintain the application and constantly improve its performance based on the feedback received by the user. Otherwise, it all gets outdated.

The development team will have no clue as to why the application is not being used after its launch. In three or four months of the launch, the user has almost forgotten about the application. To overcome this problem we need to constantly update the application based on the user’s feedback as keeping the application as fresh as possible.


As when you take tips to start applying that to your project. We hope that you find new methodologies to work on continuous improvements in your application and make it a grand success.

Also at any point in time, you think your team is not efficient in handling any of the above tips do consider to outsource a team who can do this as per your expectations. This could probably be the best way to stay ahead in the market and our competitors.

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